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Broken – Broken Teeth

chipped or Broken tooth are accidental and can be a sign of weakened tooth structure. If you had experienced tooth fracture or broken tooth due to following reasons

- stone or similar particle in food

- accidental chip due to the bottle opening

- unexpected chip due to nail biting

- chip due to unknown reason

We can address them with simple solutions at most times. White resin filling material is used to restore a chipped tooth. A bonding process is used for this purpose.

But a complex chip or broken tooth needs more than a simple treatment. If the lost tooth structure is more than one third to half the healthy tooth structure, a ceramic crown or a veneer is recommended to improve the look and restore the function of the broken tooth back to its healthy state.

You can learn more about the treatment process for a broken tooth here. Click the link below, Ceramic crown, Bonding process