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Dental Prosthesis

Prosthesis generally means numbness or feeling of burning in the hands, arms, legs, legs, in oral areas etc. Often is a temporary phenomenon when nerves in the pain area experience a kind of pressure. But once the pressure disappeared, pain and discomfort were relieved.

So Prosthesis can affect any body parts?

Yes that's correct. Prosthesis can occur in any part of the body where there is a nerve supply. When parasthesia occurs in oral regions, it is generally referred to as oral Prosthesis or dental Prosthesis.

Prosthesis in dentistry

Any changes in the normal oral sensory function in oral regions can be widely referred to as dental Prosthesis. The oral sensation of numbness in oral regions and other sensations such as tickling, burning, piercing, and tingling is also a symptom of dental Prosthesis.

How do dental Prosthesis occur?

Prosthesis in the oral region occurs for two main reasons. This can be good because of the administration of local anesthesia or when the nerves running oral regions are cut during oral surgery such as wisdom dental extraction or other dental extraction procedures or in this case each restorative or surgical dental procedure. In short, they occur because of surgical trauma or local anesthetic administration.