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Sensitive Tooth or Teeth

Sensitive teeth or tooth are the most common problem observed by most people.

The most common cause of sensitive teeth is loss of the protective enamel layer resulting in exposure of dentin, which contains nerve endings

Questions to ask yourself

- Does your teeth hurt or feel sensitive to cold or hot water?

- Does your teeth hurt while brushing?

- Does it feel sensitive to chewing food?

-Do you feel discomfort in your teeth while eating sweets

Here are common signs of people suffering from sensitive teeth.

- Loss of enamel due to the cavity or chipped tooth, resulting in exposed dentin.

- Clenching or grinding teeth at night, which triggers nerve cell to respond with hypersensitivity.

- Exposed roots at the gum line is another common reason for sensitive teeth.

- Worn teeth with exposed dentin are a constant source of sensitivity and pain.

Our doctors at top Dental Solution Chennai will diagnose and provide the solution for sensitive teeth. Simple bonding and resin filling are a standard treatment to cover the exposed dentin. Resin bonding is also used today to cover the exposed root surface.

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