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Missing Tooth or Teeth

A missing tooth can bring a myriad of challenges to daily life. Tooth loss can not only result in functional disability but can also cause emotional disturbance and loss of self confidence. Most common reasons for tooth loss can be

- Trauma or accident

- Loss of tooth due to infection

- Loss of teeth due to severe gum disease

- Fractured tooth due to food products

- Tooth fracture due to grinding teeth during deep sleep

Most common solution to a missing tooth is permanent replacement with a single dental implant or with a fixed dental ceramic bridge. When all the teeth are missing, a fixed denture can be placed, commonly known as All on 4. Removable denture is another option to replace missing teeth.

Our goal at Ridgetop Dental International is to understand the reason for tooth or teeth loss, provide diagnostics, and create a treatment solution for long term function. Our team of dental specialists understands the correct method to address the missing tooth or teeth.

Call or schedule an appointment to discuss further steps in replacing the missing tooth or terminal teeth.